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Produced by MONOVINE and Ilias Flammos
Recorded,mixed and mastered by Ilias Flammos at Silicon Factory.

Bass on tracks 1,2,4,6,8 by Nikos Kollias
Cello on "Universal Whores" by Alex Botinis

Lyrics by Stratos Grey
Cover concept and artwork by MONOVINE
Layout/Design by Vice Lesley
Handprinted by fuzz ink.

Released by Chaotic Synergy Records 2014


released April 29, 2014



all rights reserved


MONOVINE Athens, Greece

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Track Name: Sex Magick
You're mine
You're blind

Hail Mary
Tell us about your Son
Track Name: Oh Baby Death
Oh baby death will take us all
You gotta give me all your love
Oh baby death is in your eyes
You gotta tell me no more lies

The Sunrise
Keep on screaming

Up on a mountain we will be free
I wanna give you my love and me
And i know love is the way
Track Name: FBBM
Another reason
Another hope
I don't need reason
I don't need hope
I wanna give you
What you gave me
You know i'm sorry
You make me sick

Where is my rope?

Feed Beast Breast Milk

I wanna kill you
I know it's wrong
But don't you worry
It won't be long
And i forgive you
I always did
Yes i forgive you
I'll always will

I want breast milk
We want breast milk
Track Name: 93
You are the only one
You know the way you are
I've never felt this way
I know you feel the same

You're always in my mind
Don't know if it's day or night
Tell me that you are mine
And i will never hide

Come and be with me

The magic that we have
Baby it's in your hand
It will ignite our bones
It will unite our souls

You are the only one
The words are not enough
I wanna eat you alive
Track Name: Kiss This
She's there,she's not
You won't be free my heart
And this is so typical

The same mistakes
Who's left for you to blame
And this is so typical

Oh no
What else to say?
I'm always wrong
Just put the blame on me

Kiss this,Kiss that
You're always in the dark
And this is so typical

Black is,black knows
Black is the heart that flows
And this is so typical
Track Name: Lucid
You don't know me
You don't own me
You won't break me
You won't bring me down
With the colors in your mouth

Slave dogs running now
They will hunt you to the ground
I say now,they will hunt you down

Do what you want
Do what your will says inside

You don't listen
Something's coming
Nothing is somethings sound
Will i get a crown of thorns?
Track Name: Bomb
Can't hear all the voices in my head
There's a bomb in my head
Track Name: Melt
Baby all i got is one love
All i got is baby
All i got is you

Baby all around this dark now
Take my heart and paint it
Happy in your womb

All i got is all i do
I just wanna melt with you

Baby all around your love
There is nothing i won't do
Deep inside we know the truth

They said that i'll never find truth
That i'll never make it
Cause they never do

Is this enough for you?
Track Name: Dirty Meal
No nothing's real
And i can't feel

It's time to get up off your knees

Come eat your meal
Your dirty meal
You're a dirty meal

Track Name: Universal Whores
I was and there was
Something strange around me
All the colors where so bright
And i woke up
And i was into something
I was into you
You said that i am you

I was full
The same time i was empty
The same time i was full
And i've tried to resist
And i've tried to insist
To control
There's nothing to control

Am i here to amuse?
Cause my love it's not an excuse
And i'm skydiving from the ground

Love give it to me
Love i'll give it to you